Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday - Drew Womack

Let me just say that I love Drew Womack.  We see him pretty often at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse and he never dissapoints.  You might know him from his old band, Sons of the Desert.  He sang back up on Leann Womack's (no relation) song "I Hope You Dance" and also wrote "She's Got it All", which Kenny Cheesey Chesney took to number 1 in 1997.

He just released a new album, Sunshine to Rain, and it is awesome.  Some of the songs are so different than what we are used to hearing from him, which isn't a bad thing.

Here is one of my favorite songs by him:

Here is a song on his new album:

Some of my other favorite songs by Drew:
If Anyone Asks (recorded by Randy Rogers Band)
Leaving October
Fast Way to Texas (which should also be called Fastest, Longest Waltz in Texas---when he plays
        it acoustic, he slows it down for Matt and I to dance to)
Sunshine to Rain

Enjoy the tunes!

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