Sunday, August 5, 2012

Organized panty

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of my teeny tiny pantry in my almost as small kitchen???  I dream of pantries like these:

 And all the other fabulous and rediculously large pantries that people have. Unfortunately I am not so lucky, so I have to find inspiration that matches my pantry:

And then I saw this video and realized I wanted to be just like her I knew exactly what I needed to solve my problem. So I went to Amazon (which should just be renamed Amazing, because it basically is) and ordered a lazy susan. 

So here is my now organized pantry:

Top shelf: extras (spices, drinks, etc) and paper towels
Second Shelf: Breakfast Items (left) and Condiments on Lazy Susan (Right)
Third Shelf: Drink Station--hold Keurig pods, cups, coffee grinds, sweeteners, etc (Right) and Grains and Legumes (Left)

Fourth Shelf: Snack Basket (Left) and Dry Goods (Right)
Bottom Shelf: Canned goods.  Like all the green beans I canned??? Thanks dad :)
Floor: Addie's food (which I had to label because people kept throwing trash in there!!) and extras

My favorite part??  The over the door hanger that houses my new flip top bottles. Please ignore the black strip in the is old velcro that I can't remove.

The whole pantry looks so much better in can actually see all the labels.  It makes me smile now :)

Plastic Tubs: Wal-Mart
Lazy Susan: OXO from Amazon
Dry Good Container: OXO from Target
Pop Top Bottles: Ikea
Over Door Hanger: Wal-Mart.


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