Saturday, August 25, 2012

Succulent Frame

I have been wanting to make a living wall art/succulent frame for awhile now.  I keep seeing everyone posting different options Pinterest lately.  I happen to find this one pre-Pinterest day (March 2011 to be exact!):

A few weeks ago I decided to use what I had on hand to create one.  I took an old picture frame (that I had spray painted white a while back), some wire (purchased from Lowe's for this project), and some old screening off the back porch door that Addie destroyed.  I put the wire on bottom, stapled the screen on the back and then filled with dirt. 
I had a few cuttings on hand but not much variety, so off to Lowe's (again!) I went to find some more.  I found a wicker planter shaped like a coffee cup full of succulents on clearance.    Imagine this half full of dying succulents:
It was U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi, you ugly...).  Hope that is stuck in your head now :)  You're welcome!  So I ripped it all apart, salvaged what I could, and then filled that sucker up.  Here is what I came up with (this is 2 weeks after it was created):
Now they just need to grow....I will be (im)patiently waiting and will post an update when it fills out.

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